Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hans Bellmer - Drawings

I have long known of Bellmer's Doll installations but was surprised to see his name put to a series of drawings I  discovered in a book by Bataille. I probably shouldn't have been surprised, and I wasn't in regards to the themes of the drawings, with their consistent interplay of Eros and Thanatos. What surprised me was the incredibly intricate,engaging, and original linework I observed. The obsessive pulsating form, penetrating, searching--destructive markmaking, hard and soft encasement. Incredible work. I strongly reccomend you click on the images and check out the detail.


Pulpito Pulposeidón III 8:11 PM  

Su muñeca es mucho mejor que sus muñecas..

Anonymous 5:07 PM  

Could you write the name of the book (maybe edition and year too) you took these from?