Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Horror Comics of Basil Wolverton

Included below are Wolverton's classic horror strips from the 1950's; Nightmare World, Robot Woman, They Crawl by Night!, Gateway to Horror, The Brain-Bats of Venus, and Swamp Monster. It's easy to talk about how influential and important Wolverton has been on the generations of comic artists that followed him yet it is somehow more difficult to explain the absolutely incredible range the man was capable of. Whether it was humor, horror, sci-fi serials or one page gags there was absolutely nothing the master journeyman couldn't pull off incredibly well. Wolverton proves that whatever difficulty other artists have with genre work in terms of losing their style or energy is just a lot of complaining. Truly one of the greats.


Unknown 3:34 AM  

This is amazing. You probably know how hard it was to get these. The eighties color reprints across a few titles were the only way I've seen these. I'm very excited for the upcoming (later in 2014) Wolverton scifi/horror/bio(?) book. The blurb says this is Vol1 of 2 so maybe we'll see more than what you've impressively posted here. Thank you for your work.